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Premier Equine Combo cellular 450 g

The Combo Cellular Zone is a highly breathable and hard-wearing horse rug at the forefront of modern technology.
A technically advanced heavyweight turnout rug engineered with a multi-fill three-layer zoning system. Ideal for horses who struggle with changes in climate, potentially resulting in loss of condition and topline – our zoning system helps to regulate temperature. Fill zones are divided by contrast tape on the outer body. The heaviest weight fill protects the large muscle groups on the topline. Medium weight fill on the sides helps regulate temperature and lighter weight filling at the front of the rug helps to prevent vital organs overheating.
Thanks to innovative multi-fill technology this rug is naturally lighter than others of comparable weight, helping to prevent pressure over the topline and wither area. An integrated neck cover provides optimum protection against the elements. The Cellular Zone 450g turnout rug offers superior warmth and comfort without added weight, making it our most breathable cold weather turnout rug.

NOK 1949,-

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Navy 135 cm, Navy 115 cm, Navy 155 cm, Navy 145 cm, Navy 110 cm


Navy/Rød/Hvit 125 cm, Navy/Rød/Hvit 135 cm, Navy/Rød/Hvit 155 cm

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Navy 135 cm, Navy 155 cm, Navy 165 cm